October 2020

Anna becomes a Guide for #TeamHalo, which was featured on the BBC, EuroNews and Technology Networks.

September 2020

Anna is interviewed by The Teller, Women’s Health and participates in a Reddit AMA.

August 2020

Anna is featured in British Vogue,  participates in a Q&A and 73 Questions Vogue-style video for Imperial’s Behind The Scenes series.

June 2020

Anna presents at the Online Science Days of the 70th Interdisciplinary Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting!

May 2020

Shattock Lab is developing a self-amplifying RNA vaccine against SARS-CoV-2! Anna has been featured in Elle, Grazia, the Times, the CU Boulder alumni newsletter and CO 9News. She’s also appeared on the Never Lick the Spoon podcast (Part I, Part II) and given webinars for Precision Nanosystems, Virtual Seminars in Biomedical Science, the Oxford Pharmacology Society, Imperial’s COVID-19 Lockdown Lessons and the Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering.

April 2020

Anna accepts position as an Assistant Professor in the Michael Smith Labs and School of Biomedical Engineering at University of British Columbia, starting in 2021!

November 2019

Anna gives invited talk at the 7th International mRNA Health Conference in Berlin, Germany.

September 2019

Anna and K present outreach activity to 1,500 students at ‘Science is Wonderful!‘ in Brussels, Belgium.

June 2019

Anna gives poster presentation at the GRC on Nucleosides, Nucleotides and Oligonucleotides in Newport, Rhode Island.

May 2019

Anna gives a short talk at the Keystone Symposia on Delivering Therapeutics Across Biological Barriers in Dublin, Ireland.

May 2018

Anna receives Post-Doctoral Fellowship from the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851!

February 2018

Anna receives Marie Curie Post-Doctoral fellowship to continue research with Dr. Robin Shattock at Imperial College London and Dr. Molly Stevens at Karolinska Institutet!

December 2016

Anna joins Dr. Robin Shattock‘s laboratory as a post-doctoral research fellow.

November 2016

Anna attends Rising Stars in Biomedical: a career development workshop for top female post-docs in biomedical applications at MIT.

October 2016

Anna receives full scholarship to present at the 2016 HIV R4P conference in Chicago, IL.

July 2016

Anna receives an Allan Hoffman travel grant to give podium presentation at the 2016 Controlled Release Society Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA.

May 2016

Anna gives podium presentation at the 2016 World Biomaterials Congress in Montreal, Quebec.

April 2016

Anna receives Whitaker fellowship for a 2-year fellowship to study with Dr. Robin Shattock at Imperial College London!

May 2015

Anna & Team Empreva get 2nd place and Best Healthcare Innovation in the UW Business Plan Competition!

January 2015

Anna & Team Empreva win the annual Science and Technology Showcase Pitch Competition.

October 2014

Anna passes General Exam for Doctoral Candidacy!

NSF GROW Fellowship at UCT begins.

Anna presents at HIV R4P Conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

October 2013

Anna passes Qualifying Exam!

September 2013

Anna presents at the BMES Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA.

July 2013

Anna receives NIH Molecular Medicine Training Grant.

March 2013

Anna officially joins Dr. Kim Woodrow’s laboratory.

October 2012

Anna accepts Student Award for Outstanding Research at the Society for Biomaterials Annual Meeting.

May 2012

Anna graduates from the University of Colorado at Boulder.